Journal of Comparative Social Work

Journal of comparative social work (Norway) publishes articles on subjects of importance for social work with a special emphasis on comparative research. It was founded in 2006 and is currently hosted by University of Nordland, in cooperation with University of Agder and University of Stavanger. From 2010 onwards it is published bi-anually, in April and October.  All works in this journal are licensed under the Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0. Essentially, this means that you can download the works and share them with others as long as you credit the author, but you can not change them in any way or use them commercially.

Publishes articles in English.

Nordic Journal of Social Research

The Nordic Journal of Social Research (Nordic) is an English-language and open-access, net-based journal that disseminates scholarly investigation and debate related to social research in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. Centrally, this journal publishes both theoretical and empirical peer-reviewed articles that originate from the Nordic countries or offer comparisons of the Nordic countries with other parts of the world. Further, the NJSR aims to provide a broad selection of critical reviews on Nordic research on the social sciences and the chance for readers to submit their comments on the journal’s content. The chief intentions are both to facilitate a wider readership for Nordic research projects and to shorten significantly the normally lengthy period between the conclusion of a project and its publication.

Publishes articles in English.

Nordic Social Work Research

Nordic Social Work Research (Nordic) aims to promote and disseminate high quality research on social work in the Nordic countries by publishing peer reviewed original articles, with social work understood in a broad sense, including practices as well as conditions and policy. The journal promotes critical and pluralistic perspectives from an interdisciplinary standpoint and welcomes contributions from researchers in different social science disciplines. A variety of methodological approaches are represented and contributions include both empirically based and theoretical articles. Studies with a comparative perspective on Nordic countries are of interest. Articles that present studies of Nordic social work or help mediate between Nordic and international scholarly discussions are especially encouraged. The journal aims to encourage authors from the Nordic countries and internationally to disseminate research findings in English, by providing a forum for academic writing on research and practice in social work, social care, social pedagogy and social policy. Authors not originating from the Nordic countries are very welcome to contribute with articles of relevance to our audience.

Publishes articles in English.

Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs

Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (Nordic) is a journal for social science research on alcohol and drugs and their related policies mainly from a Nordic perspective. Also tobacco and gambling issues are covered by the journal. The journal publishes research reports, commentaries, book reviews, conference reports, debates and Nordic alcohol. The journal is published in print and on the web via open access.

Publishes articles in Scandinavian languages and English.