Acta Sociologica

Acta Sociologica (Nordic) is the Nordic Sociological Association’s journal. It publishes high-quality theoretical and empirical papers in all areas of sociology, in the form of full-length original articles (including meta-analyses and reviews of fields of research), as well as book reviews, review essays and commentaries to previously published articles. Articles that present research comparing Nordic countries with one another or with other countries are particularly welcome. The same applies to articles that help mediate between Nordic and international scholarly discussions. Acta Sociologica is published by Sage.

Publishes articles in English.

Comparative Social Research

Comparative Social Research (Nordic) er en årbok som søker å utvide de internasjonale orienteringene i samfunnsvitenskapene. På tross av den voksende bevisstheten om globalisering, foregår hoveddelen av empirisk samfunnsvitenskapelig arbeid innenfor rammene av hva Stein Rokkan betegnet “nasjonal empirisme”. Årboken søker å utvide de internasjonale orienteringene i samfunnsvitenskapene. Hver årgang er konsentrert om et bestemt emne, hovedsakelig av substansiell, men også av metodologisk art. Som en hovedregel presenterer og sammenligninger artiklene to eller flere sosiale forhold eller enheter, det være seg nasjoner, regioner, organisasjoner eller kollektiver aktører til ulike tider. Temaene i de siste årgangene har vært komparative studier av universitetet som institusjoner for produksjon og diffusjon av kunnskap; familiepolitikk; regionale kulturer; og institusjonelle aspekter ved arbeid og lønnsdannelse.

Publiserer artikler på engelsk.

Game Studies

Game Studies (Nordic) is a non-profit, open-access, crossdisciplinary journal dedicated to games research, web-published several times a year at Our primary focus is aesthetic, cultural and communicative aspects of computer games, but any previously unpublished article focused on games and gaming is welcome. Proposed articles should be jargon-free, and should attempt to shed new light on games, rather than simply use games as metaphor or illustration of some other theory or phenomenon.

Publishes articles in English.

International Journal of Ageing and Later Life

The International Journal of Ageing and Later Life (Nordic) serves an audience interested in social and cultural aspects of ageing and later life development. As such, the journal welcomes contributions that aim at advancing the theoretical and conceptual debate on research on ageing and later life. The journal accepts country- or cultural-specific studies that do not necessarily include international comparisons as long as such contributions are interesting and understandable for an international audience. In order to stimulate exchange of ideas on ageing across many parts of the world, the journal is available free of charge to anyone with Internet access.

Publishes articles in English.

International Journal of Feminist Technoscience

International Journal of Feminist Technoscience (Nordic) is a forum for articles in the area of Feminist Technoscience as well as general Technoscience. The exceptional added value for this journal is its Open Peer Review Process. The journal is attractive to researchers, who want to: be published within a future oriented theme, go in dialogue with the international research community in a much faster way than what is the case when publishing in traditional journals, use this journal for bringing her / his manuscript from draft to final version by the help of the open peer review process, publish both / either in this journal and/or some other journal or book. The authors are free to publish their manuscript anywhere after using the facilities of the journal.

Publishes articles in English.

International Journal of Public Information Systems

The International Journal of Public Information Systems (Nordic) wants to link researchers and other professionals who share an interest in the process, nature, significance and implications of public information systems design. The journal is a forum for analytical and comparative articles, essays, case-studies, and book reviews on such topics as innovation and research, intellectual property, entrepreneurship, and products. The journal publishes insightful pieces intended for general readers as well as specialists. To illuminate important debates and draw attention to specific topics, the journal occasionally publishes thematic issues.

Publishes articles in English.

Journal of Scan. St. in Criminology and Crime Prevention

Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention (Nordic) is published by the Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology, together with the Finnish and Norwegian Crime Prevention Councils, the Finnish National Research Institute of Legal Policy and the Department of Criminology at the University of Stockholm. The journal provides opportunities to publish in a peer-reviewed context much of such scientific work that would not be easily available in standard international sources as it is actively searching for and encouraging Nordic authors to report in English, convinced that there is much scientifically and practically interesting and relevant work that deserves to be published to the benefit of audiences unable to follow work available only in the Nordic languages. Over the past two decades, crime prevention has developed into one of the central topics in modern scientific criminology. Hence the journal aims to combine criminological and crime prevention orientated scientific works.

Publishes articles in English.

lambda nordica

Lambda nordica (Nordic) is a journal presenting research in Humanities and Social Sciences with relation to LGBT and Queer Studies. We strive to support the dialogue between established and younger scholars to inspire to more LGBT research in the Nordic area and support the initiative to new research areas in the field. The journal also introduces and reviews international LGBT literature. As of 2012, lambda nordica is both a printed and Open-Access journal.

Publishes articles in Scandinavian languages and English.


NORA – Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research (Nordic) is an interdisciplinary journal of gender and women’s studies and a conduit for high-quality research from, and across, all disciplines. Rooted in the politics of its Nordic location, the journal recognizes and conveys in particular the situatedness of Nordic feminist research. Nora puts emphasis on the various Nordic positions of feminist research, but simultaneously for its transnational entanglements. In effect, the journal partakes in larger intranational conversations on gender and other intersecting categories of analysis. Nora is thus a forum for transversal conversations, creative and critical feminist thought, and comparative perspectives. Acknowledging the need to speak across borders, Nora challenges academic and disciplinary, linguistic and national limits and boundaries. Situated in the Nordic context and international in scope, the editors welcome contributions from all countries, and from across the full kaleidoscopic range of feminist political, empirical and theoretical standpoints.

Publishes articles in English.

Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy

Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy (Nordic) is aimed at researchers, school authorities, school leaders in primary and secondary schools, teachers in primary and secondary education, at colleges and universities, and others concerned with education and ICT. The journal contains peer-reviewed articles, conference papers, debates and commentaries, software and book reviews. It has a focus on articles that deal thematically with digital literacy and the use of ICT in educational settings. The publication is published quarterly by Universitetsforlaget (The University Press publishers) in collaboration with The Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education. The journal is published in English, and is only available as an electronic open access publication.

Publishes articles in English

Nordic Journal of Migration Research

Nordic journal og migration research (Nordic) publishes high-quality research in the areas of migration theory and empirically-oriented analyses of migratory processes, integration policies and intercultural relations. It gives high priority to Nordic issues and comparative studies of integration in Nordic and non-Nordic countries. It will occasionally publish guest-edited Special Issues devoted to particular themes or theoretical problems.

Publishes articles in English.

Nordic Journal of Political Economy

The Nordic Journal of Political Economy (NOPEC) (Nordic) trykker artikler som forener økonomi og samfunnsforskning med spesiell relevans for politiske spørsmål. Tidligere årganger av NOPEC har publisert artikler av høy kvalitet fra spesielt inviterte forfattere, men ønsker nå også artikler fra andre forfattere velkommen.

Publiserer artikler på engelsk.

Nordic Journal of Religion and Society

Nordic Journal of Religion and Society (Nordic) is an arena for all disciplines that study the field of relations between religion, churches, religious institutions, culture and society. Nordic Journal of Religion and Society is the only Nordic journal devoted to these issues. Sociology of religion is a key discipline, but the journal also includes contributions from scholars in psychology of religion, religious studies, church history and theology.

Publishes articles in English.

Nordic Journal of Social Research

The Nordic Journal of Social Research (Nordic) is an English-language and open-access, net-based journal that disseminates scholarly investigation and debate related to social research in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. Centrally, this journal publishes both theoretical and empirical peer-reviewed articles that originate from the Nordic countries or offer comparisons of the Nordic countries with other parts of the world. Further, the NJSR aims to provide a broad selection of critical reviews on Nordic research on the social sciences and the chance for readers to submit their comments on the journal’s content. The chief intentions are both to facilitate a wider readership for Nordic research projects and to shorten significantly the normally lengthy period between the conclusion of a project and its publication.

Publishes articles in English.

Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies

Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies (Nordic) is an open access international and scientific journal on working life, sponsored by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The journal aims to strengthen the exchange of experiences, perspectives, methods and outcome of the Nordic working life research across the Nordic countries and promote Nordic working life research internationally. The content of the journal is studies concerning changes in work and how these changes affect qualifications, health, occupation, innovation, economy, identity, social orientation and culture. The journal has an interdisciplinary profile.

Publishes articles in English.

Nordic Social Work Research

Nordic Social Work Research (Nordic) aims to promote and disseminate high quality research on social work in the Nordic countries by publishing peer reviewed original articles, with social work understood in a broad sense, including practices as well as conditions and policy. The journal promotes critical and pluralistic perspectives from an interdisciplinary standpoint and welcomes contributions from researchers in different social science disciplines. A variety of methodological approaches are represented and contributions include both empirically based and theoretical articles. Studies with a comparative perspective on Nordic countries are of interest. Articles that present studies of Nordic social work or help mediate between Nordic and international scholarly discussions are especially encouraged. The journal aims to encourage authors from the Nordic countries and internationally to disseminate research findings in English, by providing a forum for academic writing on research and practice in social work, social care, social pedagogy and social policy. Authors not originating from the Nordic countries are very welcome to contribute with articles of relevance to our audience.

Publishes articles in English.

Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs

Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (Nordic) is a journal for social science research on alcohol and drugs and their related policies mainly from a Nordic perspective. Also tobacco and gambling issues are covered by the journal. The journal publishes research reports, commentaries, book reviews, conference reports, debates and Nordic alcohol. The journal is published in print and on the web via open access.

Publishes articles in Scandinavian languages and English.

Nordicom Information

Nordicom Information (Nordic) är en mötesplats för medie- och kommunikationsforskare i Norden. Denna kanal för kunskapsförmedling syftar till att utveckla mediekunskapen och bidra till att forskningens resultat synliggörs i behandlingen av mediefrågor på olika nivåer i både offentlig och privat verksamhet i de nordiska länderna. I Nordicom Information kan forskare, publicera sig på sitt eget språk för en bred läsekrets och däremed bidra till den för forskningsområdet nödvändiga dialogen mellan länder, discipliner och traditioner. Tidskriften presenterar aktuella forskningsresultat liksom teoretiska bidrag från det mångfacetterade forskningsområde som medier och kommunikation utgör. Här redovisas även nya forskningsprojekt och nyutkomna skrifter anmäls eller recenseras. Det bästa som publiceras i Nordicom Information går vidare för publicering på engelska i Nordicom Review, en ’refereed’ tidskrift som riktar sig till det internationella forskarsamhället.

Publicerer artiklar på skandinaviske språk.

Nordicom Review

Nordicom Review (Nordic) provides a major forum for media and communication researchers in the Nordic countries and is addressed to the international scholarly community. It publishes the best of media and communication research in the region, as well as theoretical works in all its diversity; it seeks to reflect the great variety of intellectual traditions in the field and to facilitate a dialogue between them. Nordicom Review offers reviews of Nordic publications and publishes notes on a wide range of literature, thus enabling scholars all over the world to keep abreast of Nordic research in the field. Nordic media researchers are invited to publish articles in Nordicom Review.

Publishes articles in English.


NORMA (Nordisk) is the leading forum for masculinity studies in the Nordic countries. It is a major resource for cutting-edge research regarding men and masculinities in gender studies and gender equality related issues. The objective of the journal is to facilitate the theoretical development, recognition, promotion and coordination of research concerning multiple forms of masculinities in a Nordic context and beyond. The journal promotes innovative interdisciplinary and disciplinary research and encourages new theoretical and methodological interventions in the field. Being a multidisciplinary forum, the journal invites papers from authors in a diverse range of scholarly fields. The journal publishes articles primarily in the Scandinavian languages as well as in English and as such complements the other joint Nordic journal within gender research, NORA, which publishes exclusively in English.

Publishes articles in Scandinavian languages and English,

Praktiske Grunde

Praktiske Grunde – Nordisk tidsskrift for kultur- og samfunnsvidenskab (Nordisk) bringer fagfællebedømte forskningsartikler af både empirisk og teoretisk art, oversættelser af centrale fremmedsprogede tekster, anmeldelser og debatindlæg. Mangfoldighed i tilgang, vinkel og fremstillingsform vægtes højt. I tidsskriftet analyseres sociale og kulturelle praksisformer, deres sociale genese, strukturelle betingelser, virkemåder og relation til magt- og dominansforhold. Her diskuteres også de teoretiske og metodiske aspekter af sådanne analyser. Tidsskriftet ser det som sin særlige opgave at fremme en kritisk og konstruktiv dialog mellem de mange forskere og studerende, der på vidt forskellige måder og i vidt forskellige faglige og institutionelle sammenhænge arbejder med inspirationen fra den franske sociolog Pierre Bourdieu. Praktiske Grunde redigeres af en tværfaglig, internordisk redaktion fordelt på et dansk, et svensk og et norsk redaktionspanel.

Publiserer artikler på dansk, svensk, norsk og engelsk.

Professions and Professionalism


Professions and Professionalism (Nordic) is an open-access journal that invites research-based empirical, theoretical or synoptic articles focusing on traditional professions as well as other knowledge based occupational groups approached from any perspective or discipline. The journal creates a space for development of the research field, prioritizing no single theoretical horizon or methodological approach.

Publishes articles in English.

Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism

Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism (Nordic) aims at initiating and stimulating hospitality and tourism-related discussions among the academic community, managers, and decision makers both in the private and public sectors. The journal covers all types of empirical and conceptual research of issues relevant to Scandinavia, North Sea and Baltic regions, and associated developments in the regional hospitality and tourism industry. In addition to research articles, research notes and book reviews, it welcomes book discussions and contributions debating or commenting issues of interests to researchers and the professional community (events, research politics, philosophical themes etc.).

Publishes articles in English.

Scandinavian Journal of Public Administration

The Scandinavian Journal of Public Administration (SJPA) (Nordic) publishes four issues per year, presenting articles on public administration with perspectives from political and management studies, economics or law studies. SJPA aims to welcome interdisciplinary and innovative articles that highlights relevant and contemporary problems in public administration; to be read by scholars as well as practitioners with an interest in public administration in the European, national, regional or local level; to encourage pioneering research in order to improve the understanding and deepen the knowledge for the public administration practice in Scandinavia and elsewhere; and to strengthen the public administration networks, regarding theoretical as well as practical knowledge; and encourage pluralistic methodological approaches.

Publishes articles in English.

Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum

Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum (Nordic) is an online and open access, academic journal for the study of sports, with a multi-disciplinary approach. The journal is published by Malmö University as a companion to, a non-refereed sport studies web journal founded in 2003. Manuscripts dealing with sport and sports, based on one or more academic subjects within the humanities and the social sciences, are eligible for publication and will be considered for the review process. Articles that are accepted for publication will be published online, available to all, free of charge. Articles are published 18 times per year, coinciding with the regular updates of Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum aims to fill a void in the Scandinavian sport studies landscape – the absence of peer reviewed academic journals within the field.

Publishes articles in Scandinavian languages and English.


Temenos – Nordic Journal of Comparative Religion (Nordic) is published by the Finnish Society for the Study of Religion. The journal was founded in 1965 as a joint publication with the learned societies of Comparative Religion in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden to promote the research and communication of ideas between scholars. The Journal publishes scholarly articles, academic discussions, conference reports and book reviews within the field of the study of religion and culture. It is an open access journal, and issues are published online one year after the publication of the paper version.

Publishes articles in English.

Young – Nordic Journal of Youth Research

Young – Nordic Journal of Youth Research (Nordic) publishes articles, reviews and scholarly comment which develop and qualify international youth research. The aim of the journal is to contribute to developing a truly interdisciplinary youth research field, where it is both possible to apply approaches of a single discipline and to integrate insights, perspectives and methods from different disciplines. Young has a strong anchorage in the consolidated and respected research communities of the Nordic countries. It also has a keen interest in innovative developments and dedicated participation in the ongoing building up of European research networks, with the aim of globalising all areas of youth research.

Publishes articles in English.